Current day Worlds of Freedom is set in the published World of Freedom universe as published by Green Ronin in the 3ed Mutants and Masterminds source books. However, WoF is not hard-line canon as some might think. In fact, we work to stress a reasonable balance between canon and player creativity.

The current year is 2020, the Freedom League broke up 5 years ago. A small upstart group of teenagers with super powers formed a surrogate Freedom League to step in where the FL could not in 2019. The team-up lasted short of a year before the heroes moved on. One moving to Emerald City, one moved to Ireland, one disappeared completely, another relocated to New York. This left Freedom City unguarded save for a few lone heroes again.

With Freedom City nearly defenseless organized crime, gangs of all varieties, super villains and mega-corporations moved in like a flock of circling vultures to prey on the helpless citizens of Freedom City.

Can you stem the tide and be the hero Freedom City needs?

In tried and true fashion, Worlds of Freedom aims to start small and grow big. Where there will be time later to explore the entire World of Freedom universe Green Ronin has compiled for us, most heroes will start in Freedom City. This helps keep it simple for our staff GMs. As the number of GMs grow, so to will our venue. Our goal: hundreds of heroes spread across the entire world, with GMs helping run plots that not only cross boarders but cross oceans and eventually the world!

If your interested in joining the Worlds of Freedom Community, please send a quick note to the GM here on OP and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible! (Usually same day, sometimes next depending on her schedule!)

Worlds of Freedom

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